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Celsius – Next Level Challenge Winner!

OnFitness Magazine – What Makes a Great Trainer?

Known as the Picasso of celebrity trainers, Danny Musico can paint the body any client envisions on them. It’s no wonder he has been asked by Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood to help them train their stars.

Healthy Celeb – Celebrity Trainer Danny Musico Workout Tips to Have Body like Celebs

Danny Musico is a successful celebrity trainer who has had the pleasure of working with celebs like Demi Moore, Sylvester Stallone, Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Simpson and Adrienne Bailon. Or should we say these celebs were lucky that the former world champion boxer was training them.

Metro Magazine – 20 Minute HIIT Circuit

Thanks to this hit HIIT circuit created by celebrity trainer and former super-middleweight champion Danny Musico.

True Fitness Booth at IHRSA

Muscle & Fitness – Quick HIIT To Improve Athletic Performance

This eight-minute workout from Danny Musico using The Frog Trainer and TrueForm Runner will get you in NFL shape.

“Muscle & Fitness – Train Like Ezekiel Elliott

Trainer Danny Musico shares the core and boxing conditioning workout that helped the Dallas Cowboys rookie sensation to a ROY-worthy season.

Fox5 New York – Danny Musico Trains Several NFL Players

Wyst Magazine – Danny Musico Getting it Done

From his rooftop fitness mecca overlooking Beverly Hills, Danny Musico is pumping out examples of athletic greatness as a former pro boxer turned celebrity trainer.

Muscle & Fitness – HIIT It Good To Torch The Fat

Combine hiking and boxing with this high-intensity fat-burner from trainer Danny Musico.

Hollywood Reporter – Makeover Monday: How to Get Legs Worthy of a Sky-High Slit Red-Carpet Gown

Celebrity trainer Danny Musico says it’s the most common request he’s gotten from his actress and model clients. And Musico should know, the former super middleweight boxing champion trains Hilary Swank, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Simpson, Demi Moore, Mark Wahlberg, Jamie Foxx, Justin Bieber and Toby Maguire for roles and real life.

Sports Illustrated – Getting The Most Out of Your Workout

Crush your fitness and health goals and maximize results this year with tips from Danny Musico trainer to the pros such as Cowboys' running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Inspirations & Celebrations – Fitness Experts Secrets To Getting in Shape Before New Years

Los Angeles-based celebrity trainer Danny Musico (who has worked with Jessica Simpson, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Demi Moore) trains with his proprietary HDT (High Definition Training) method at his ABH Gym in Beverly Hills, California.

New You Magazine – Sweating Out The Winter Blues

Heavy-hitter with a heart of gold Danny Musico, former Super Middleweight boxing champ and owner of his own elite Beverly Hills boxing gym, checks in with three training musts.

New You Magazine – Exercise + Bungee + Hot Fun

A bungee workout could be a great addition to your exercise routine, says Danny Musico.

AskMen – Danny Musico Interview

Danny Musico has done it all. From world-champion boxer to A-list celebrity trainer, Musico has walked the walk when it comes to helping people get in the best shape of their lives. In a recent exclusive interview, Musico sat down with us to reveal his training and nutrition secrets.

New You Magazine – Bend With The Trends

Danny's the man! When superstar trainer and former boxing champ Danny Musico talks, we listen up!

Fox 5 New York – Getting Fit with Danny Musico

New You Magazine – Stay Classy

Danny Musico is our fave trainer to the stars. The former Super Middleweight boxing champ, who has many irons in the fire, shares his top picks for training this spring.

Hollywood Reporter – What To Do LA Westside This Summer

Boxing champion Danny Musico has prepared stars like Hillary Swank for Million Dollar Baby and Mark Wahlberg for The Fighter.

Muscle & Fitness – LA Rams RB Delivered Knockout Blow

Chase Reynolds hopes to put opponents on the ropes this season with boxing skills he learned from celebrity trainer Danny Musico.

New You Magazine – In The Swing

Trainer-to-the-stars Danny Musico takes swinging know-how out of the ring and past our fitness plateaus.

Deadline Hollywood – Los Angeles Rams Docuseries

E! has ordered Hollywood & Football, a docuseries chronicling the move of six Rams players and their families from the Midwest to their new life in Los Angeles.

New You Magazine – Snacking Right, Looking Great

Want to look like the most beautiful people in the world — celebs, elite athletes, models, tastemakers, and CEOs? Then you have to munch like one.

New You Magazine – Everybody Do The Frog

In the spirit of “getting it done,” our favorite celebrity trainer/former boxing champ Danny Musico introduces us to all-star abs and all-over power, carved the amphibian way.

Men’s Fitness – An Ultra-Intense Fat-Burning Routine

Danny Musico trains A-list celebrities for a living, and he's here to help you sculpt a Hollywood physique in record time.

New You Magazine – Stay Fit & Sip Your Wine

We're really glad to have Danny Musico stand behind our brand. He has such stature as a professional athlete and personal trainer, and won't get behind a product unless he believes in it.

Muscle & Fitness – Sports Legend Helps You Stay Healthy & Fit

On Air with Tony Sweet Radio Show – Danny Musico Interview

New You Magazine – Getting it Done with Danny Musico

When it comes to streamlining your routine, interval training is a game-changer.

Muscle & Fitness Magazine – Expert Training Tips from Danny Musico

Adopt the mindset of an athlete to exceed expectations in the gym with World-Super Middleweight Champ Danny Musico

New You Magazine – Traffic Stopping Glutes

Here's how you get traffic stopping glutes with these 4 exercises.

Variety – Ip Man 3 Mike Tyson Believes Fighting Gave Him Edge

Boxer Danny Musico was 14 years old when he first met Tyson at a training facility in Upstate New York, and he explained his utter excitement for Tyson’s success and appreciation for the martial arts in “Ip Man 3.”

New You Magazine – All The Rage

The Danny Musico Rage-On System. . .

New You Magazine – Fitness Finds

Heavy-hitter with a heart of gold Danny Musico, former Super Middleweight boxing champ and owner of his own elite boxing gym, checks in with three training musts.

New You Magazine – All The Right Grooves

When it comes to looking like a knockout, Danny Musico, a top celebrity trainer and the former World Super Middleweight boxing champion, always knows the latest and greatest.

Runway Magazine’s Labor Day Pool Party – Tegan Webster interviews Danny Musico

Haute Living Magazine – Celebrity Trainer Danny Musico’s Haute Secrets to LA

Danny Musico is a modest guy, but he shouldn’t be. This celebrity trainer has been everything from a professional boxer, actor and model, to an athlete, spokesman and television personality. Whatever the challenge is, the handsome star will offer a knockout performance.

New You Magazine – Looking For a Hard Body or Soft Stones

Our big-hitting star trainer Danny Musico, with the mostest explains why Rage Fitness's Soft Stone delivers pure power.

Origin Magazine – Danny Musico Interval Training

Celebrity Trainer Danny Musico on interval training and intense workouts.

IHRSA 2015 – Danny Musico Guest Appearance

Guest appearance from Danny Musico, former world champion boxer.

InStyle Magazine – Fashion in the City

Excuse-Proof your Workout. "Put it in your calendar," says trainer Danny Musico

Nexersys Booth – IHRSA

New You Magazine – Fitness Brands You Need To Know

CBS4 LA – Your Best Beach Body in 5 Easy Moves

Muscle & Body – Jump To The Next Level

“Training with a weighted jump rope can deliver huge results in the gym. Here’s how to get roped in to huge gains.” -Danny Musico

Life & Style Magazine – A-Rod is Scouting for Dates

Forget hitting bars and cWhile working out with buddy and celebrity trainer Danny Musico in LA, says the source, "A-Rod stood there while women lined up to meet him."

The Telegraph – Luxury LA Hotels Concierge Challenge

Danny Musico, who has worked with dozens of celebs such as Justin Bieber and Carrie Underwood.

Hollywood Reporter – 7 Hush-Hush Gyms Becoming Hollywood Favorites

Trainer Danny Musico (Ron Fair, Doug Ellin) has created a gym at the chichi Crescent Hotel (403 N. Crescent Drive) in Beverly Hills.

Hollywood Reporter – Funny or Die

What is the hot new gym for training the stars and getting them ready for movies? See Danny Musico’s exclusive gym at the Crescent.

US Weekly Jan 2012 – Punch it Out

Boxing "works every muscle," says Danny Musico, who has trained Jessica Simpson.

Men’s Health – December 2011 – How to Stand Up to a Bully

In my younger days when I used to run with a rowdier crowd, I became friends with a guy named Danny Musico, a boxer who for a while held the IBC Super Middleweight title.

Urban Daddy – May 2011 : Training Day

A personal trainer in your gym shorts. Introducing Danny Musico's Fitness App!

Tampa Bay Times – March 2011

Don't just sit there and pedal.

BOSU – Getting it Done With Danny Musico – March 2011

Danny Musico knows the fitness industry inside and out and of course has picked up some secrets and tips along the way.

The – Discover The Beverage Katie Homes Loves

Katie Holmes and Mario Lopez have something in common: they both love Celsius

Canyon News January 2011

Danny Musico, a man of second chances.

Canyon News – December 2010

Exclusive, Danny Musico, a Knockout!

OK Weekly Magazine – Tips From Jessica Simpson’s Trainer

OK! Weekly Magazine – Body and Soul

On the beach June 12th! A day of fitness, wellness and pampering with Danny Musico.

Hollywood Trainer Danny Musico’s Kickass Workout

InTouch Weekly – May 2000 : Jessica’s Amazing Slim-down

Had to be refitted after going down three dress sizes.

OK Magazine – I love My Body

"I walk around with so much more pride in who I am." - Jessica Simpson

Ms. Fitness Magazine – Tips from Hollywood’s Top Trainer

What do Tobey “Spiderman” Maguire and Jessica Simpson have in common? Celebrity trainer and former world boxing champion, Danny Musico.

FHM – Rocky Balboa DVD w/Danny Musico

IHRSA SHOW 2010 – Celsius Booth

Danny & Celsius make a big splash ay IHRSA Show. Celsius was proud to be part of this year’s IHRSA show. Celebrity Trainer and Boxing Champion Danny Musico swings by.

OK! Magazine – Jessica Simpson’s Workout For Health Not Hotness : February 2010

Danny Musico's custom fitness and exercise plan for Jessica Simpson – “I Love My Body!” Jessica’s exercises, workout schedule and more!

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine – February 2010

Danny’s tips on great exercises for great-looking legs. Dynamite exercises for great legs.

Life & Style Magazine – January 2010

Exercising for Health. Not Hotness - Danny’s top shape-up tips.

People Magazine – Jessica Simpson’s Fitness Kick with Danny Musico – December 2009

Danny Musico is getting Jessica Simpson in “Daisy Duke” shape.

Running Journal – Santa Monica 5000

Celebrities came out to support the festivities such as Danny Musico, former Middleweight Boxing Champ and celebrity personal trainer.

KTLA – Danny Musico Interview

InTouch Weekly – Jessica Simpson Training with Danny Musico

Former professional boxer Danny Musico - who also trains Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber and Jessica's dad, Joe Simpson - said: "She's getting leaner and told me she went down three dress sizes. She's pushing herself to new levels"

Just Jarred Magazine – January 2009 : Adrienne Bailon Dukes it Out

Adrienne Bailon works it out with celebrity personal trainer Danny Musico at a local gym in Beverly Hills.

LA Confidential 2008

Danny Musico  “Most Wanted – Health is Wealth – Body of Work” – Style & Design 2008

Beverly Hills 213 Magazine – Getting in Shape

Getting in shape with Middle-Weight Boxing champ Danny Musico.

XL Magazine July 2007

Rocky vs La Restia with a boxing session from Danny Musico

Work to Ride Charity Exhibition

Danny Musico former Middle-Weight Champion will be on hand to present the USA Polo Association 2005 Award for "The best contribution to the image of the sport of Polo" to Work to Ride.

Penthouse – May 2004

Danny with Victoria Zdrok & Courtney Taylor appearing on May ’04 Penthouse cover.

New York Post – TV Week : Almost Famous

World champion fighter Danny Musico has gone from throwing punches to taking on New York's mean streets in "Law & Order: SVU" in no time flat.

Shoot On Site – New York – March 2002

Danny Musico with Kenneth Cole at the Men's Health party!

New York Post / Page Six – Hands Off!

A boorish Brooke Burke fan who grabbed the E! Channel sexpot got taken down by former Super Middleweight boxing champ Danny Musico

OK! Weekly Magazine – Body & Soul

Danny Musico gives one-on-one circuit training sessions!

Shoot On Site – Miami 2001

Danny Musico and Stephen Baldwin at the Forge.

Life & Style – Justin Bieber Wants to Be Buff

Justin Bieber wants to man up with his muscles.

Preferred Magazine – Danny Musico, Super-Hero Among Trainers

Danny Musico, Super-Hero Among Trainers. “Danny has pushed me to levels of cardio that I never imagined I could achieve.”

Philadelphia Daily News – Sports Stars Role into Modeling

Danny Musico the current IBC Super Middle Weight boxing champion hits the runway for Liz Claiborne!

AOL – JSYK Justin Bieber Could Have a Body Like Toby Maguire

“Justin Bieber Could Have a Body Like Tobey Maguire’s” Danny says in interview.

Maxim Magazine – May

See Danny Musico featured in Maxim Magazine!

Shoot On Site – New York 1999

New York Magazine – Danny Musico at Jet19

New Jersey Super-Middleweight boxer Danny Musico at Jet 19's one year anniversary bash.

Men’s Fitness – February 1999

Taking care of business - Danny Musico.

Maxim Magazine – February

Danny holds an impressive record still to this day for the largest editorial to date for Maxim Magazine for a single person ever. Now that’s impressive!

Bicycling Magazine – November

When a freak car accident left Danny Musico unable to walk, he turned to a friend - his bike.

Men’s Health – June 1998 – Danny Musico Come Back Story

Street Fighter! Danny Musico come back story.

Danny Musico Returns to Ring After Bazarre Injury

By simply standing at the wrong place at the wrong time, Danny Musico was almost stopped from standing in his two favorite spots – In the boxing ring and before a camera.

Nutley Boxer is a Knockout in the Ring, Movies, Magazines

To say the least, Danny Musico is on a run. The Nutley boxer who's the IBC Super Middleweight Champion in Zurich, Switzerland, in February; has a blossoming career . . .

Fighter Saves Woman

Danny Musico former State Junior Olympic Boxer Champion pulled three thugs off an elderly woman in a Willowbrook Mall parking lot.